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About Us
Background Records Retrieval   processes employment, tenant and merger/acquisition reports nationwide.  We think you’ll agree that our office takes the extra step to ensure client satisfaction.   We have easy to read reports that tell you what you want to know about your prospective employee, tenant or business your considering purchasing, fast and accurate!   But lets face it, talk is cheap.  Give us a call and let us provide you a report and YOU decide if we’re a good fit for your firm.
Reports can be obtained online, email or fax.   If you’re a large company with multiple sites, copies of results provided to sites can also be provided to your main office to monitor reports requested.   We’re noted for our ability to provide clients with custom reports, detailing required information.  Our staff will ask you a few questions, to find out what type or reports you will need, discuss turn around time frames and if we can save your office money.
Tenant Screening Benefits Employment Screening Benefits
  • Lower evictions by choosing the right tenant the first time around
  • Find out what other Landlords have to say about the applicant & if they would rent to them again or not
  • Reduce noise complaints and criminal activity
  • Find out if there were damages or poor housekeeping
  • Making sure your applicant can really afford the unit
  • See what credit scores your applicant has
Don’t find out the hard way about your applicant.   Screen your applicant first and make sure he/she meets your residential selection criteria.
  • Find out what Employers say about your applicant & if they would re hire
  • Find out if your applicant is habitually late for work
  • Meet any State/Federal regulations
  • Find out if your applicant has a history of violence
  • Find out if your applicant uses drugs
  • Find out if a degree was obtained
  • Making sure your applicant has a valid social security #
  • Decrease employee turnover
Crackdowns on hiring of illegal workers are shifting to employers.  The Dept of Homeland Security vowed to expand its efforts to target employers who hire illegal immigrants.  Don’t let your company be one of the many companies fined for hiring illegal workers.  Our complete and through screening of all applicants make us the best choice!
Up-to-date Information Services

Corporate Address
Delta Services Inc.
13033 Ridgedale Drive | Suite 246 | Minnetonka | MN | 55305
Phone 952 595 8648 | Fax 1 877 712 7801 |

Effective 6-27-2013 our new fax number is toll free:  1-877-712-7801